Don’t want to SCUBA dive? No problem! Our beach-front centre offers a range of other family-friendly ocean activities you can get involved with. 

Ocean Safaris
Join us for an awesome boat ride led by our experienced marine guides. These Ocean Safaris are a great opportunity to spot the amazing megafauna in our area including manta rays, dolphins, humpback whales and whale sharks! 

Snorkel Trips
We’re very fortunate in Guinjata to have some of the most biodiverse and beautiful reefs in the world right on our doorstep. Join us for a snorkel tour of the local reefs where you can spot butterfly fish, potato bass, huge coral formations and maybe even a turtle! Our favourite spot for these tours is a site called Coral Gardens which always lives up to it’s name! 

Whale Champion Certification
Every year we have our marine conservation partners Love The Oceans join us from March through to October. For this period we have resident marine biologists on hand at all times leading world first research. On the weekends Love The Oceans’ staff also run Whale Champion Workshops in conjunction with the World Cetacean Alliance. Expand your knowledge on whales and put your skills to the test on our ocean safaris!

SUPing & Body-Boarding
We have Stand Up Paddle boards and body-boards available to hire every day. Just ask at our shop. 

At Jay’s Pro Dive Centre we’re committed to providing our customers with good quality kit. You can rent the gear you need for diving or snorkelling directly from our dive shop on arrival. 

This includes: 

Buoyancy Control Device
Air Fills
Nitrox Fills
First stage
Wetsuit (5mm)
Dive slates

Please enquire if you require a specific piece of equipment, we may be able to provide it. 

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